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Celebrate Mother Earth

In the Elemental Tarot Deck, Mother Gaia is a powerful card. She is the embodiment of all life, and the physical development of life. It is time for us to look inward to see where we can begin to nurture our own bodies more.

The collective is in a significant spiritual connection due the shattering of ego. As humankind we teeter on the brink of collapsing Mother Gaia and as she responds to our ego purge, it is her plea to us to rise up, hear her spirit...feel her spirit. Stand barefoot with your eyes closed facing North. Quietly ask her how you can support her. Feel her exchange through the soles of your feet as she tells you exactly what she needs....exactly what YOU need.

Mother Gaia is about to birth the biggest changes upon us yet. You can do your part by loving her as you'd love your own Mother.

Additionally, spend some time being mindful of the role you play in your consumables. How can you do better? At Emergence Readings, we take great pride in being 100% organic, non-GMO and use ZERO plastic. Our products may be used on the most delicate skin, ingested and recycled/upcycled or in our new Refill services. The Carry Your Light Collection of products will always do its best to offer affordable custom blends with the highest quality and ingredients Mother Gaia presents us with. If you are interested in more about the CYL Collection, please use the contact form or scroll through products 🌱

Today we ask that all you do is spend time with Mother Gaia in celebration. Plant new seeds of change right along with her.

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