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Happy Snow Moon!

Our glorious goddess in the sky is moving through Leo, the fire sign of love. She is connecting to you soul, asking you to shake off the snow, and flip that lioness mane, and show some love to that divine feminine ✨️

Remember to find forgiveness in each and every day. Find the reasons for the knight within to shine bright. Find the simple meaning of love...find the daily meanings of love, find the deep passionate love and never hide the love you have for yourself! Love is healing. Find love in waking up to early alarms. Find love in the sip of clean water in the glass on your nightstand. Find love in the dirt on your shoes, find love in the little spider keeping warm in the window. Find love in the messy house, the loud laughter, the unwashed cloths...find love in the mundane. Then find passion in the fresh ice water, clean socks, fresh sheets, fresh fruit, and the quiet moments to honor yourself, by yourself or with your partner.

This is the time....awaken yourself🤲🏼💓

With ethereal light and unconditional love,


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