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TWO New Moon's in April and it's no joke!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

As we transition into our new astrological year with Aries this month, now is the time to remember the incredible journey you are about to embark on in the next 12 months. What will your manifest? What are you giving "birth" to in your life? New beginnings and an incredible amount of Abundance is headed straight for you....are you ready to receive it?

The Pink Moon starts her journey on Friday, April 1st, 2022. She will rise into Aries bringing the energy of fire from the Sun as well as motivation and stamina as she ushers Mars, the ruler of Aries. Throughout the day we receive both feminine and masculine balance in divine Yin/Yang energies, therefore pay close attention to the left and right side of your physical and spiritual bodies. No matter your sign, Aries will rule in your chart at this time, bringing sass, spunk and sparking fire up under you to get your ass moving on whatever you've been dragging your feet on!

With Jupiter beginning its 12-year cycle, it's time for YOU to cycle into something new as well. Ready or not, it's time! Prompted to start a new job....DO IT! Feeling like a new relationship is blossoming? Go for it! Getting antsy at your home? Well, Spring has sprung so do some Spring Cleaning. This is the time of year for Fresh new beginnings...welcome them with New Moon intentions and manifesting.

With ethereal light and love,


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