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Our Last Full Moon of 2022 will NOT be an easy one

As we transition into our final Full Moon of 2022, we must reflect back over the year and find what we have not been able to release AND be willing to ask WHY. This will not be an easy one by any means, but it IS our responsibility to ensure we are honest in our journey.

We are finally coming out of Neptune's Retrograde which has really twisted up the last 6 months with doubt, misdirection and shadow work. Now that Neptune is direct, we can feel the fog lift and finally see what our intuition has been showing us! This is INCREDIBLE! Run with it and don't look back!

The bummer about this beautiful M'ana Wa'lèbo is rising with Mars in Gemini which equals passionate conversations. So, given that we are within the holiday season, this can compound an already heated situation, if you allow it. So key during this time is AWARENESS, ALLOWING AND DEEP BREATHING!

Do not find yourself in a situation that you speak before you think....that you make big decisions without consideration how it could impact the year ahead AND tie a ribbon on 2022.

Again, be aware of the situation you are in. Be mindful of how you are reacting to the situation and allow yourself to breathe ✨️

With ethereal light and love to you all for an incredibly powerful and emotional experience during this Ma'ana Wa' lèbo, Full Cold Moon 🌙


For additional reading and information, I've included a lovely article from Forever Conscious

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