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Strawberry Fields Forever...or at least in June!

The Strawberry Full Moon marks the time of sweet blooms from wild strawberries amongst. Often times this Moon may have a pink hue and is the only time of year to do so, thus the name coincides with the lusciousness of the juicy fruit its name bares. Enjoy the long bouts of sweetness her energy brings day and night and find where you are receiving her pleasures in your life this month.

During your Full Moon Ceremony, it would be a great time to write down your self care routine. Write down what you are doing to show how much you love yourself. If there are things you are holding onto that are not self-loving, make sure to include this in your forgiveness routine. It is important that you allow yourself forgiveness. Forgiving yourself is the first step in are allowed to heal, give yourself permission to do so. This is the time of year to embrace your divine feminine whether male or female, we all have divine feminine and masculine in us and when we have balance of these two powers, our essence is pure love, pure light.

May you taste the sweetness of life in each and every day. May you feel the abundance flow through your divine being as the light of the Moon casts a loving glow around you.



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