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Thursday Thoughts 4.20

With Eclipse season here, how are you working to balance your Masculine and Feminine energies?

Not sure? Follow these steps to discover whether you're exhibiting healthy M/F or unhealthy M/F.

Remember, it is our own responsibility to ensure balance in our lives. When we are imbalanced, we should be asking:

"Why is this dominant right now? What Am I to learn from being in this state of hyper____? How can I use self-care to release this to bring in more balance?"

When you can observe a full healing perspective, you are allowing natural flow of energy rather than storing and risking illness.

Take a bath, drink a glass of water, move your body, eat something delicious, feel the sun on your face, smile, stomp your bare feet in the Earth and find loving ways to express emotions.

Self-Love =Self-Care

Happy Thursday ✨️

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