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Intuitive New Moon Healing Box Subscription

Intuitive New Moon Healing Box Subscription

Every New Moon, I connect to Divine source and read the energy for each individual box. Every box unique and different but similiar in that every box recieves a Custom Reiki Infused Healing Body Blends, Infused with your "essence" of organics, herbs, Crystals, intentions blended from your Oracle Reading.


This process takes several hours per box given that your box is different than your friend, your brother or your boss. Nobody will recieve the same blends because all of our energy is different. The body blend is the foundation for your box as it has your "essence" included. Additional essence is given in a cork bottle for you to use throughout the month for your ceremonies while the cork bottle is offered to store the remained crystals used from your blends. Always use your blend in the month ordered. Additionally, you never share your blend with others as your blend is made for your energy only. Your product will be sealed in a Reiki filled glass container.

  • You will receive the information about your Orace Reading.
  • You recieve an intuitivly made custom symbol drawn on a card to collect and use as your own oracle deck builds over your subscription.
  • You will receive a powerful healing crystal in a velvet pouch.
  • Information about the lunar month and ceremonies.
  • Affirmation Card 
  • Reiki Infused Crystal Roller Blend
  • Full Moon Charged Body or Room Spray


Your items will have ingredients for everything included hand written throughout the process of creation.


*Some months may include additional items that have been donated by local artists or wellness specialist to which you will be given their business card and/or information as well.*


Hand made from start to finish using New Moon energy and your personal intentions for the month using only high grade, organic, non-gmo, plastic free products that are sustanibly sourced and harvested with love.

    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    6 Month
    Save $120
    $109.00every month for 6 months
    Monthly Special!
    Subscribe and Save $360 yearly!
    $99.00every month until canceled
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