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Carry Your Light Journey to Self-Love Private Coaching

Carry Your Light Journey to Self-Love Private Coaching

✨️The Carry Your Light Journey to Self-Love is a 12-month program that offers support and guidance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis that works around your busy schedule. Uncovering the triggers and trauma within to work towards releasing the pain using powerful holistic modalities. Meeting yourself where you are, watering your seed and feeling your flourish inside as you feel that warm glow of self love blossoming.

✨️Each month we will track your lunar cycle with small accountibility codes each day. You will receive two (2) monthly personal readings. We work around your schedule to meet on a weekly consultation. However, provide opportunities for daily communication via text, call, and email.

✨️ Included in your journey are monthly custom New Moon Healing Boxes, one each month. This custom New Moon Healing Box is built around your Oracle Reading done during New Moon, then filled with Reiki infused body blends and crystals in addition to items to help perform your Full Moon Ceremony.

✨️With all of the items you receive during your coaching, it is only helpful when you do the work. I can give you all the answers you wish to recieve, I can send all of the healing energy and intentions for you however if you cannot make the time to do the work, the deep and dirty, messy, ugly, uncomfortable work, then the program is not meant for you at this time.

✨️This program will require honesty, accountability, and internal reflections that may cause uncomfortable emotions and vulnerability that I promise you will not be left alone in. I am here to guide you, sweet one. This is your light.

✨️I take this role with great responsibly and will assist you on your journey in whatever way you need as this is meant to help you answ er questions, let go of what you've been holding onto for far to long and to help see yourself again in the loving light from Divine Source.


✨️For more information on this program, please submit a response at the bottom of the home page. Each cycle begins upon availability before New Moon.


✨️If you are local, you may wish to add a Sound Healing session to your package for in-person treatments to enhance your experience.


With ethereal love and light,


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