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Quantum Light of Sun-Level I

Quantum Light of Sun-Level I

Level 1 of Quantum Light University. The only of it's kind, this is truly the  magic school you didn't know you needed.  Program trascribed by Niki Papagorgeou from Greece in 2019...the very same year I had my unexpected awakening and began to see the light codes from the sun, from the universe!  When Niki created this, it was under the same direction of the sun.  I stand firm in the testimony of this school and have seen how much is has assisted me on my own journey!


As you learn Quantum Light, you are embracing the healing of the sun as well as the photons, the physics and the science behind it.  This program is internationally recognized with lineages going back to Master Usui.  

As a Reiki Master of Usui Holy Fire, I am also here as a Master Teacher of Quantum Light up to a Level 5 of 9, and am here to teach more Master Teachers...this is YOU!

No prior reiki knowledge is required for Quantum Light, however I do teach Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Levels 1-3 and Master, if you feel called to that lineage first. 


Engage in the healing with the sun as you feel the deep healing within you.  Working in the Quantum field is POWERFUL and profound!  For more information please email or register for the next in person or online class.

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