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Solar Eclipse Black Moon- 2022

Solar Eclipsed New Moon energy with a planetary line up

that hasn't been seen in thousands of years, so yes...what you have been feeling recently is valid!

Additionally, we have has so many solar flares coming at us over the last couple weeks, this IS major transformational energy. Dizziness, headache, fatigue, ornery behavior, confusion, stomach issues, sensitivity to smell and taste, etc...your bodies are going through energetic changes on a cellular level.

With this second new moon in April, we are in what is called the "Black Moon" , which is when we have two new moons in the same month. With the beginning of our Astrological New Year in our first new moon (April 1st) in Aries, we now transition into the Black Moon (April 30) in Taurus! Wow, what a rad way to push our intentions and goals into the new levels! If you have been looking for a chance to see your dreams, intentions and goals come to light, NOW is the time to manifest whatever you want. During the New Moon, what business venture do you see yourself working on? Are you vying for a promotion? Have you worked hard and ready to see your name on what is yours? This is your sign to GO FOR IT! Taurus is all about abundance of business, wealth and success. Yeah baby!

While you might be riding the high of this new moon glory, we are also faced with solar eclipse energy coming in during the day. This will bring up the shadow side of our transition. We can only go as far as the depths of what we hide inside and refuse to own. While your head is spinning from all the energy shifting, find a moment to sit down with that bag o' secrets, open it up and let the cobwebs fly away. It is time! It is time to unpack the memories you don't want to remember and be accountable for the actions and deeds that make you feel like you have to hide them. Perhaps they are the actions of irreverent mindset or the actions of others. Whatever they are, this creates the shadow side of our ego and spirit and every one of us has something we are either ashamed of or don't want to feel again so we keep it buried and forgotten. Instead of forgetting, how about forgiving? While typically we perform our forgiveness during full moon, the benefits of a New Moon with Solar Eclipse is that we have the strength of the sun to help our lights shine brighter during the shadow work than when we eclipse in reverse. Use this time to honor you pathway of life. The good, the bad and the ugly as well as the transitional period of forgiveness and gratitude....see it, feel it, love it, honor it, release it.

Solar Eclipse New Moon Ceremony:

In your journal, write down what you want to heal. If you are not a journaling soul, take a walk into the woods or out in nature and speak out loud what you wish to heal. As you move, image the words floating up into the air as they are being absorbed into trees, the clouds, the rocks...they are gladly removed from your body to be transmuted into the healing love you wish to have within you. Write until you have released it all, walk until you feel every darkness is revealed. This is courage. This is vunerability. Take the paper, fold it and hold it to your heart. Feel the paper between your heart and hands and imagine sending the love to it with each heart beat. When you feel as though the paper is full of love, take a match to it over a sink, a fire pit or candle and send it to the universe with love. When you stop in the forest, or on the trail, pick up a rock and do the same. Hold it to your chest and send all the love into the stone. When you feel complete transformation, toss the rock in a stream, or bury it within the earth. This selfless act of love from Mother Nature will show you the power of her healing gifts to us.

This is YOUR life, you can't hide from it, nor should you want to. Be courageous in seeing your shadows in the light, your pain and your troubles. This makes you who you are. We balance the dark and the light, the ying and yang, the masculine and feminine. We are the sun and moon, we are the sky and earth, we are all things. The shadows will never be gone nor should you wish them to be for without the darkness, we cannot see our light.

Move into the new month with the manifestation rituals you use each month. Give yourself the Taurian energy to focus on wealth and abundance. Find what house you are working with right now and allow it to flourish and deepen with this intense New Moon energy.


With ethereal light and love,


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