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  • Emergence Events presents Ethereal Essence Apothecary
    Emergence Events presents Ethereal Essence Apothecary
    Fri, Sep 22
    Garden Witch @ the Barefoot Baker
    Sep 22, 12:00 PM – Sep 23, 7:00 PM
    Garden Witch @ the Barefoot Baker, Roosevelt, UT 84066, USA
    Sep 22, 12:00 PM – Sep 23, 7:00 PM
    Garden Witch @ the Barefoot Baker, Roosevelt, UT 84066, USA
    As part of the Carry Your Light Collection- Ethereal Essence Apothecary is a taste of your magic! An evening of custom curation amongst your fellow goddesses. Come down and experience the crafting of your energy.
  • Year Ahead Reading 2024
    Year Ahead Reading 2024
    Sun, Nov 26
    Online through Join Link
    Nov 26, 1:00 PM
    Online through Join Link
    Nov 26, 1:00 PM
    Online through Join Link
  • GRIT
    Wed, Jun 19
    Highline Trail
    Jun 19, 2024, 10:00 AM – Jun 22, 2024, 10:00 AM
    Highline Trail, Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA
    Jun 19, 2024, 10:00 AM – Jun 22, 2024, 10:00 AM
    Highline Trail, Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA
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 "Sound Healing" is described as the frequency of a note or tone played by song or instrument that resonates with the frequency of your body creating healing on a mental, spiritual and physical level.  Blissful alchemy of divine musical rapture. Different tones offer different connections amongst our bodies creating an Attunement or balance within.  Additionally, there is science of how sound can effect our brains ability to respond to pain, stress, love, success and more.

In my practice, I use a variety of sound tools to help my clients achieve a state of rest, peace, heightened awareness and enlightenment.  These range from custom Crystal bowls, Tibetian bowls, Flutes, Chimes, Tuning Forks, Drums and more.  When clients book a "session" with me, they trust that I am attuned to what their physical, spiritual and mental bodies need in order to customize the Sound Healing needed thus creating what is called a "Sound Bath".  In Sound Bath, it is just as it implies, you are bathed in sound.  Different requests may be made for specific Sound Bath but in general, you will attend  with expectations to simply relax, get comfy and receive the symphony of sound to heal what ails you.


What is "sound healing"?

Illuminated Rock

    As an Oracle, It is my honor to see the spiritual light in each person.  it is my calling to help others see and feel their own beautiful, divine light within and truly feel that self-love that we can lose in day to day life.  Through this collection, I guarantee the items you connect to are meant to be in your life.    Your spirit calls for certain elements within crystal properties.  Your body wants energetic harmony and will produce symptoms when it's not in proper alignment.  We lose touch with our emotions when we don't feel well, our energy shifts into lower gears and we feel out of whack.  When we chose to listen to our physical body and give in to what its needs are (rest, hunger, activity, etc.), our mental and spiritual bodies respond and through our self-care, we achieve overall harmony within.  True wellness will stem from the physical, mental and spiritual care.  One without the others will lead to imbalances therefore my mission is to help achieve complete wellness through the holistic approach in the "Carry Your Light Collection" of healing crystals, body blends, reiki and lunar energy. Each item is carefully crafted under each new moon after connecting to the client by intuitive guidance then infused with personal healing messages, affirmations and oracle reading.  Customized to individual energy needs and never premade. I only use organic, high-grade, gluten-free, non-gmo and plastic free ingredients as well as high quality Crystals and sustainably sourced materials.     New Moon healing boxes are available by Subscription. You choose how many months you'd like at check out.  6-month receives a complimentary box.   Orders must be placed five days before New Moon.  For additional information, click below ​

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New to 2023...


-emergence elemental tarot deck

-emergence elemental tarot workbook

-tarot for life journal

-lunar goddess journal volume one

-Carry Your Light Affirmation Deck


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Live Lunar Calendar



I've just starting getting into crystals and had no idea what I wanted or even needed to start out.  I love that Jessica was so intuitive that she was able to find so many crystals that were just what I needed and I've felt a HUGE difference in my life and how I function.  She even worked with my budget to get me started.

Jess S.