As your Certified Energy Healing and Wellness Specialist, I am here to support you on your personal spiritual, physical and emotional healing journey.  Using a variety of holistic healing modalities, we will work together to  release blockages throughout your body while bringing to light your divine self and feel the confidence you desire as part of your self-care  journey.

      for over 15 years, I’ve worked with clients across our beautiful earth in order to attain a positive mindset and mental balance  while connecting with loved ones on the other side.  Over the years my development of energy healing has amplified as my own attunement has become more aligned to quantum energy.  In this space, we are the wave of light working in infinite space.  This is where we do the deep healing.

     I will walk you through a journey of enlightenment using safe and ethical healing practices such as crystal chakra attunement,  usui/holy fire reiki attunement, yoga, meditation, sound healing,  Oracle and Tarot readings and lunar and astrological healing.  

      It is a great honor to walk with you on such a precious journey of self-love while embracing your story as you step in your light through spiritual, physical and emotional healing practices.
With Ethereal Light and love,